• New or used Avalon A1166pro miner

    New or used Avalon A1166pro miner

    The rated computing power of the Avalon mining machine A1166Pro is 81TH/s, with stable operation, simple deployment and easy maintenance. The built-in AI chip can effectively prevent the theft of computing power and ensure the security of income.

  • New or used Avalon 1126 miner

    New or used Avalon 1126 miner

    According to the official information of Canaan Technology, the Avalon A1246 inherits the classic general-purpose hardware design of the previous generation (A11 series), and has been specially optimized for the actual deployment environment of the mine: the power supply is integrated inside the chassis, supporting upright or The horizontal deployment form can flexibly adapt to different shelves; the computing power board is fixed with a pull-out track and the box wall, which is convenient for quick maintenance of mine operation and maintenance or conversion of power boards. In addition, the fan module is also equipped with a temperature sensor, which is directly connected to the main control chip, and can adjust the fan speed in real time according to the temperature of the computing power board.

    The human-computer interaction experience has also ushered in a substantial upgrade. Thanks to the greatly optimized original mine management system, Avalon A1246 can dynamically adapt to changes in the mine environment, ensure the stable operation of the mining machine, and reduce the impact on the power grid of the site. At the same time, the new web management background can monitor the status of the mining machine at any time, support visual human-computer interaction, automatically remind the abnormal operation, and take the initiative to shut down in the event of a sudden failure that seriously affects the computing power, reducing unnecessary electricity expenditure.

    In terms of security, the Avalon A1246 is equipped with a new firmware, which strengthens the native anti-tampering mechanism. The AI ​​chip K210 is built into the main control board of the machine. It analyzes the fluctuation of computing power through intelligent algorithms, adjusts the fan speed and identifies potential networks. Attacks and loopholes stabilize the computing power within a reliable range to prevent loss of computing power.

    As the first model of the Avalon A12 series, the Avalon A1246 has a computing power of 90T and successfully ranks among the current large computing power models. Not only that, Avalon A1246 also lowered the energy efficiency ratio to 38T/J, which is also one of the few machines on the market with an energy efficiency ratio below 40J/T.

  • New or Used Avalon 1246-85T BTC miner 3420W

    New or Used Avalon 1246-85T BTC miner 3420W

    In September 2020, the veteran BTC mining machine manufacturer Canaan (Canaan Technology) released the latest generation of Avalon series  Avalon 1246 large computing power BTC mining machine. The Avalon 1246 mining machine is the eleventh generation product of the Avalon series of mining machines, which integrates Canaan Technology’s nearly ten years of experience in the development and production of BTC mining machines.

  • New or Used Avalon 1166-58T 68T BTC miner

    New or Used Avalon 1166-58T 68T BTC miner

    The A11 series are divided into two models, the A1166 has a rated computing power of 68T/S and an energy consumption ratio of 46J/T.

    The A1146 has a rated computing power of 56T/S and an energy consumption ratio of 57J/T.

  • Used avalon 1066-50T avalon 1066pro 3250W BTC miner

    Used avalon 1066-50T avalon 1066pro 3250W BTC miner

    One of the biggest features of A1066Pro is the self-developed Kanzhi K210 AI chip main control module.

    The official information introduces that the module is implanted with multiple encryption algorithms and has a native anti-tampering mechanism, which can effectively prevent the loss of computing power and theft.