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Antminer L7 9500MH/s is the latest Antminer to mine LTC coins. At the same time, it can also send Dogecoin. This mining machine currently has the highest computing power under this algorithm. It will be officially shipped in November 2021. Many people are very optimistic about the shipment. The latest Ant L7 mining machine with the strongest computing power will become the model that everyone is looking for. Early models such as L3+ L3++ have been popular for 4-5 years. It can be seen that this model has a great future

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Mining machine L7, computing power 9500MH/s, power consumption 3425W, known as “one L7 is equivalent to 19 L3+”




Alibaba International Station:GXNSDZ


Product number Antminer L7
Encryption Algorithm Scrypt
Rated computing power 9.5GH/s ±5%
coins LTC+DOGE
wall power consumption 3425W ±5%
Connection method Ethernet
Bare metal size 340(mm)*178(mm)*304.3(mm)
Carton size 466(mm)*388(mm)*265(mm)
Bare metal weight 11.20Kg
Total Weight 13Kg

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