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The A11 series are divided into two models, the A1166 has a rated computing power of 68T/S and an energy consumption ratio of 46J/T.

The A1146 has a rated computing power of 56T/S and an energy consumption ratio of 57J/T.

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On the evening of October 17, 2019, the ChainNode live broadcast room ushered in Jianan Zhizhi and Avalon sales director Chen Feng, Avalon after-sales maintenance center director Chen Gongping, and Beep News founder Xiaogui and other guests. Through the off-site connection, they measured Avalon’s latest A1166 and A1146 mining machines.

The former has a rated computing power of 68T/S, a maximum computing power of 73T/S, and an energy consumption ratio of 46J/T, making it the strongest Bitcoin in history. Mining machine. In addition, under the sharp offensive of the host of the ChainNode live broadcast room Jun Yao, Chen Feng also revealed the payback cycle of the new mining machine and his industry observations on whether Bitcoin mining is profitable or not.


The maximum computing power of A1166 can reach 73.4T

Avalon’s A11 series of Bitcoin mining machines are the latest Bitcoin mining machines released by Jianan Zhizhi and have been mass-produced. The previous generation of mining machines is the A10 series, including the rated computing power of 31T/S and the energy consumption ratio of 58J/ T’s Avalon 1047 and Avalon 1066 with a rated computing power of 50T/S and an energy consumption ratio of about 63J/S. The delivery time of the futures mining machines sold by the two has been scheduled to mid-December. It can be seen that the market demand for Bitcoin mining machines is quite strong.

The A11 series are divided into two models, the A1166 has a rated computing power of 68T/S and an energy consumption ratio of 46J/T. The A1146 has a rated computing power of 56T/S and an energy consumption ratio of 57J/T. Compared with the A10 series, the computing power of the new mining machines launched a few months later has increased by about 36%, which fully demonstrates the power of Moore's Law. At present, A1166 has also become one of the Bitcoin mining machines with the highest single computing power on the market. The single machine computing power exceeding 60T/S has become the entry threshold for the new era of mining machines.

Is the A11 series really so awesome? During the live broadcast, through the connection, the ChainNode live broadcast room conducted actual measurements on two mining machines. After more than one hour of operation, the measured data of the A1166 was 68.8T/S, the power consumption was 46.3J/T, and the noise was about 75 decibels. . The actual calculation power of A1146 is 60.22T. Chen Feng introduced that they have calculated that the maximum computing power of the two mining machines can reach 73.4T/S and 61.45T/S.

Four highlights, the mining machine is better to use

According to Chen Feng, the A11 series of mining machines have improved the chip performance through the adjustment of the chip architecture, and reduced the energy consumption of the whole machine through the overall optimization of the module. In addition to strengthening the basic functions, there are many detailed upgrades, divided into four parts.

First, the all-in-one design, spare parts, which simplifies the trouble of purchasing additional power supplies and other accessories during the purchase process of the mining machine. The plug-in and the network can run, so that novice users can easily mine.

Second, it supports network cable assembly and adopts chrysanthemum series connection, which reduces the cost of mine wiring after reducing server ports and facilitates batch setting in the background.

Third, the use of 3300 watts of adjustable power supply can protect the machine in the event of a power failure or unstable voltage. When the currency price goes down, the frequency can be reduced to reduce costs. The 4-fan configuration can effectively dissipate heat.

Fourth, the main control module is implanted with multiple encryption algorithms and Kanzhi K210 chip. The former can prevent the theft of computing power, and the latter can allow the miner to have anti-virus capabilities.

A1166 static payback period is about 8.5 months, and it can be delivered in January 2020

According to the calculation of the rated computing power, when the electricity fee is 0.36 yuan, at present (September 15), A1166 can mine 0.001314 bitcoins per day, the daily income is about 77 yuan, the electricity expenditure is 27 yuan, and the daily net profit is about 50 yuan.

Based on the price of 16,252 yuan displayed on the official website, according to Chen Feng's introduction, the static payback period is about 8.5 months (calculated based on the current Bitcoin price). The A1146 is priced at 9999 yuan, which corresponds to a static payback period of about 7 months.

Chen Feng joked that the A11 series is not a PPT mining machine. It has been mass-produced as early as September. In the early stage, it was mainly for some old customers to experience it first. The official mass delivery time is from January to February 2020. "The specific delivery time depends on the chip delivery time. Generally speaking, the complete machine can be produced after 2 weeks of delivery of the chip. It is foreseeable that January next year will be a key node for large-scale delivery." He said that users will get it in January. The basic is the first batch production machine.

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