New or Used Avalon 1246-85T BTC miner 3420W

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In September 2020, the veteran BTC mining machine manufacturer Canaan (Canaan Technology) released the latest generation of Avalon series  Avalon 1246 large computing power BTC mining machine. The Avalon 1246 mining machine is the eleventh generation product of the Avalon series of mining machines, which integrates Canaan Technology’s nearly ten years of experience in the development and production of BTC mining machines.

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A1246 adopts a five-layer extra-hard packaging box, and the sky and earth cover pearl board is suspended in the air, which has a good shock-proof effect. The packaging box is printed with various compliance information.

There is a mining machine and a power cord (16A plug) for the mining machine, the length of which is about 1.5 meters. The integrated power supply of the miner is located on the right side of the front of the miner.

The mining machine is rectangular, and the chassis is made of new alloy materials, which is thick and firm, supports horizontal and vertical placement, and is convenient and flexible.

There is the Avalon trademark on the other side of the miner. On the lower part of the front of the miner, you can see the front double cooling fan of the miner. The specifications are two 12CM fans (12v4.5a) with a four-pin socket diameter and a protective cover for air intake from this side.

Avalon 1246-1

The top of the miner is the controller. The controller uses the self-developed Kanzhi K210 dual-core 64-bit AI chip, which is widely used in smart electronic devices. The main control chip has a built-in encryption algorithm to prevent viruses and theft.

The rear of the miner is equipped with a rear dual cooling fan, the specification is two four-pin sockets with a diameter of 12cm fans (12v4.5a), and a protective cover is provided to let the air out. The Avalon 1246 mining machine has a solid workmanship and comes with a power supply.

The mining machine can be placed horizontally and vertically to facilitate large-scale deployment in the mine. It has a large computing power of 90T and a smaller space to deploy more computing power.

Extremely simple installation, plug and play, one-step setup, a large number of mining machines can cooperate with the cluster software, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.

The controller has a built-in AI chip with powerful security performance. Combined with the running system, it can automatically identify malicious viruses and prevent the mining machine from being stol.

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