New or used Avalon A1166pro miner

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The rated computing power of the Avalon mining machine A1166Pro is 81TH/s, with stable operation, simple deployment and easy maintenance. The built-in AI chip can effectively prevent the theft of computing power and ensure the security of income.

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Rated power consumption: 3400W, +5%~-8%
Power consumption ratio: 42J/MH±5% (under 25℃)
Heat dissipation: 4×12038 fan
Product size: 331×195×292mm
Product weight: 12.8kg
Noise: ≤75d(B)
Use environment: working temperature: -5℃~35℃
Other performance: Rated computing power: 81TH/S±3%


Alibaba International Station:GXNSDZ


Rated power consumption 3400W,+5%~-8%
Power consumption ratio 42J/MH±5% (under 25℃)
heat dissipation 4×12038 fans
Product Size 331×195×292mm
product weight 12.8kg
noise ≤75d(B)
Use environment Working temperature: -5℃~35℃
Other properties Rated computing power: 81TH/S±3%

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