New or used Ebite E9pro miner

Short Description:

The Yibit E9+ mining machine adopts the latest 14nm chip independently developed by Yibang, with an average computing power of 9TH/S and a power consumption ratio of 145W/T. The heat sink adopts the latest bonding technology, and the shell material is stronger.

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Mining machine type: ASIC mining machine (professional mining machine)
Power Type: No data yet
Power consumption ratio: 140W/T
Rated power consumption: No data yet
Rated computing power: 6.3TH/s (-5%~+10%)
Rated voltage: 11.8—13V
Power interface: 6 6PIN excuses



Alibaba International Station:GXNSDZ



Miner Type ASIC miners (professional miners)
Rated computing power 6.3TH/s(-5%~+10%)
Power consumption ratio 140W/T
Rated voltage 11.8—13V
Product Size 290×126×150mm
Power interface 6 6PIN interfaces
Internet connection Ethernet

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