New or Used Innosilicon A10pro-500m(5G) 720m(6G) 750m(7G) ETC miner

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The A10 Pro mining machine is a mining machine produced by INNOSILICON that uses the Ethash algorithm for ETH mining.

The officially announced computing power is 500MH/s (±5%), and the wall power consumption is 860W (+/- 10 %)

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Product Description:

Relevant data shows that Ethereum DAG files increase by 520M every year. The current Ethereum DAG files are 3.728G, and Ethereum Classic is 3.82G. According to this calculation, DAG files will reach 4G by the end of December 2020.

Existing 4G graphics cards can no longer mine. The A10 Pro mining machine is an updated version of INNOSILICON A10. Not only has the computing power been improved, the system video memory has also been upgraded to 5G.

The appearance of the A10 Pro mining machine is square, the physical size is 362mm (length) x 136mm (width) x 285mm (height), and the bare metal weight is 8.1 KG. The A10 Pro mining machine is a single-tube design.

It uses two parallel fans to provide heat dissipation for the hashrate board. The hashrate board and the control board are connected by a flat cable. The multi-wire number shows that there are three built-in hashrate boards.

Innosilicon A10pro-3

It can be placed upright or lying flat, and the bottom is equipped with a non-slip pad to make the miner more stable when it is placed upright. The A10 Pro mining machine is randomly distributed with a model G5118-1400W power supply.

The official information shows that this power supply provides a DC voltage of 12.20-12.25V, a rated current of 0-120A, a rated power of 1450 watts, and output short-circuit and overcurrent.

Current and overheat protection, power supply weight is 2kg. The G5118-1400W power supply has 10 6Pin power connectors for connecting to the mining machine's hash board and control board.

The mining of the A10 Pro mining machine is the same as other series of mining machines. After connecting the Internet cable and turning on the power, you must first find the IP address of the mining machine.

A more convenient method is to enter the local router and search for the device named "Innominer". A10pro is currently the highest computing power among ETC miners, and it is very popular when it is profitable.

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