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Why do everyone say that Jinbei KD5 is the machine of choice for big miners, there are the following points:

1. Jinbei KD5 is not only small in size, saves space, and is easy to place in the mine, and it is a silent model. It is not burdensome to dig a few at home.

2. The operating computing power is stable and the maintenance rate is low, saving time and effort without excessive care.

3. With the support of a potential currency such as KDA, the income is stable and guaranteed.

4. It is the current KDA model with the highest single-computer computing power, with superior power consumption ratio and fast return cycle.

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Gold shell kd5 product parameters Rated computing power: 18.7TH/S (-5% ~ +5%) Wall power consumption: 2250W/h (-5% ~ +5%) Indoor noise: ≤80db Working temperature: 0~35 ℃ Connection method: Ethernet Machine size: 264mm×200mm×290mm Machine weight: 8.5kg Input voltage: only supports 176~264V A machine with the highest single-computer computing power.




Alibaba International Station:GXNSDZ


Generate currency KDA
Rated computing power 18TH/S±5%
Rated power consumption 2250W±5%
Power consumption ratio 0.125W/G
Rated voltage 176-264V
Product Size 264*200*290mm
product weight 8.5kg
Internet connection Ethernet
noise ≤80dB
Use environment Working temperature: 0℃~35℃

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