New or Used Whatsminer M30s-88T M30s+100T 102T BTC miner

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On December 7, 2019, Shenzhen Bitmicro released a video of the Bitcoin mining machine running on Whatsminer M30S,

Announcing the successful launch of the new generation of Whatsminer M30, both in terms of computing power and the unit power consumption of computing power.

Refresh the industry record!

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Basic parameters

Mining machine type

 professional mining machine

Generated currency


Rated power consumption

 3344W (±10%)

Power consumption ratio


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Product Description:

The outer packaging of Shenma M30S-88T is relatively simple. The outer packaging size of the whole machine is 485x230x355mm and the logistics weight is 11.4kg. The whole machine uses one inlet and one outlet for heat dissipation.

The air inlet fan is equipped with a metal protective cover. It is the control board of H3. It is connected to the hash board through the connection line of the adapter board. The panel interface and buttons have not changed.

The control board shell also has information such as model, hash rate, SN code and network card MAC address. Equipped with a power supply model P21-GB-12-3300.

Except for the change in appearance, the power supply is similar to the M20 series, such as copper connection, ventilation type heat dissipation, and fixing screws. Whatsminer M30S-88T uses two 14038 12V 7.2A fans for heat dissipation.

Whatsminer M30s-2

The fan power (7.2A) is lower than that of the M20 series (9A), which reduces not only the small power consumption, but also indicates that the noise will be smaller. , The front fan uses a 6-core flat interface, and the rear fan uses a 4-core 4P interface. It can be seen that the front and rear fans of the miner are not compatible with each other. The chassis is made of aluminum alloy die-casting integrally.

The hashrate boards are inserted and fixed through the grooves and arranged tightly. There are 3 built-in hashrate boards. Each hashrate board has 148 Samsung 8nm ASIC chips, a total of 444 chips. Both sides of the hashrate board are covered by heat sinks, and the middle is coated with thermally conductive silicone grease, which is reinforced with 26 spring screws.

The running state of Whatsminer M30S-88T continues the previous "stable" characteristics of Whatsminer. The mining machine runs stably during long-term testing, with small fluctuations in computing power, power, and temperature. It is a very g.

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