New or used whatsminerM31S+ miner

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Whatsminer M31S+ 80T is an extremely cost-effective product. Manufactured by Shenma Mining Machine, the manufacturing process is excellent to ensure the quality and service life. The appearance design is fashionable, concise and textured. The most attractive thing is its excellent value for money. Generally speaking, it is a cost-effective choice.

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Rated computing power: 80TH/S±5% (under 25℃)
Rated power consumption: 3360W±10% (under 25℃)
Power consumption ratio: 42J/MH±5% (under 25℃)
Rated voltage: 200V-277V
Product size: 390*155*240mm
Product weight: 10.5kg
Network connection: Ethernet
Use environment: working temperature: -5℃~35℃
Other parameters: Power cord: IEC C19, ≥16A

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Rated computing power 80TH/S±5% (under 25℃)
Rated power consumption 3360W±10% (under 25℃)
Power consumption ratio 42J/MH±5% (under 25℃)
Rated voltage 200V-277V
Product Size 390*155*240mm
product weight 10.5kg
Internet connection Ethernet
Use environment Working temperature: -5℃~35℃

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