• New or used Panda B7pro miner

    New or used Panda B7pro miner

    Using the new AMD-RX580 8G-12 card configuration, the upgraded version of Panda B7, the price is affordable, the size is small, the computing power is large, the performance is powerful, and the operation is more stable. This time, Panda has adopted a new technology to change the traditional 8-card machine and become the first 12-card graphics card mining machine in history. The computing power is as high as 360m, the power consumption is 1700w, and the volume is slightly reduced, and the overall cost-effectiveness has been improved a lot. ​​​​

  • New or used K1+ miner

    New or used K1+ miner

    Supports POW Blake2S algorithm (KDA) Supports mainstream stratum protocol protocol. Mine pool provides a web interface management platform, which simplifies system settings and large-scale deployment. The web interface provides computing power statistics and status monitoring. Self-checking function and real-time monitoring of chip status. Provides hashrate blade LED status display to facilitate equipment batch management. Provides settings and automatic switching of the main mining pool and multiple backup mining pools. It has independent error monitoring and automatic switching of hashrate blades. Restart recovery function Hardware Watch Dog (Watch Dog) to ensure that the system can automatically recover from network or system errors

  • New or used LT5pro miner

    New or used LT5pro miner

    The power consumption of the t5proLT5 PRO model is 3100W and up to 2455M after the upgrade, while the old version of Lt5 has only 2.05G of computing power, which is 2050M and power consumption of 2080w. If you only look at the power consumption of computing power, the old version of Lt5 is often the best choice. Of course, as one of the most popular mining machine manufacturers this year, Jinbei, as a businessman, tends to maximize profits. As soon as the lt5 futures are released, the upgraded version of the lt5pro will be released immediately. Although the computing power of lt5pro can not reach a position of Ant L7, it is also a big improvement, which is equivalent to directly increasing the computing power of an Ant L3+. Of course, after the computing power increases, the power consumption also increases up to 3100w , this comparison is much inferior to the old version of the machine Lt5, but the advantage of this machine lies in its high cost performance, although the power consumption increases, its price is not much different from the old version of the lt5pro, of course, the miners who mine LTC are mainly for Doge proceeds.

  • New or used HS-BOX miner

    New or used HS-BOX miner

    HS Lite is made by Goldshell and its mining 2 algorithm (Handshake, Blake2B-Sia) runs at a maximum hash rate of 2900Gh/s and consumes only 700W

  • New or used CK-BOX miner

    New or used CK-BOX miner

    Jinbei CK-BOX is a CKB dedicated ASIC home mining machine developed based on Eaglesong algorithm. This model has a nominal computing power of 1050G and a power consumption of 215W. The calculated power consumption ratio is as low as 0.2W/G.
    K-BOX Miner Settings]
    After the miner is plugged in the power supply and network cable, turn on the power button to start work, connect the network cable to the Lan port, enter the router background to find the IP address of the miner, and then open the computer browser (It is recommended to use the browser with Chrome kernel, other browsers It may display abnormally) Enter the found IP address to enter the mining machine control page. The default interface is English. There is a small flag in the upper right corner of the control page. Click to switch the language.

  • New or used Avalon A1166pro miner

    New or used Avalon A1166pro miner

    The rated computing power of the Avalon mining machine A1166Pro is 81TH/s, with stable operation, simple deployment and easy maintenance. The built-in AI chip can effectively prevent the theft of computing power and ensure the security of income.

  • New or used STU-U6 miner

    New or used STU-U6 miner

    In April 2019, Shenzhen Chuangyou launched a DASH mining machine STU-U6 with high computing power, high yield and high cost performance. According to the parameters announced at that time, the computing power reached 660G, and the power consumption was as low as 1300W. Power consumption below 2W/G comes with a dazzling halo

  • New or used STU-U1+ miners

    New or used STU-U1+ miners

    Sichuangyou U1+ STU-U1+ 12.8T is the strongest DCR/HC mining machine, with high profit and fast return on cost.

  • New or used whatsminerM31S+ miner

    New or used whatsminerM31S+ miner

    Whatsminer M31S+ 80T is an extremely cost-effective product. Manufactured by Shenma Mining Machine, the manufacturing process is excellent to ensure the quality and service life. The appearance design is fashionable, concise and textured. The most attractive thing is its excellent value for money. Generally speaking, it is a cost-effective choice.

  • New or used whatsminerM30S+ miner

    New or used whatsminerM30S+ miner

    The products produced by major manufacturers must be high-quality products. The only manufacturer who dares to challenge Bitmain directly, of course, its strength should not be underestimated. For example, this Shenma m30s+ has a computing power of 100T, and he is the king of cost performance. In terms of appearance, the family-style integrated design enhances heat dissipation and reduces the size, making it easier to maintain; in terms of computing power, the computing power of 100t has a power consumption ratio of 34w/t. Today, this Shenma M30S+ is at the top of the rankings.

  • New or used Antminer S17+ miner

    New or used Antminer S17+ miner

    The S17+ mining machine is an integrated design of chassis power supply. Its bare metal size is 340×178×304.3mm. It can be placed horizontally or vertically according to the height space of the mine shelf; the mass is 11.3kg.
    The heat dissipation of the mining machine is designed with front and rear double-tube fans, and the outer surface of the fan is equipped with a mesh cover, which ensures that the mine operation and maintenance personnel avoid injury caused by accidental contact with the blades, and protects the safety of the operation and maintenance personnel; there is a grille on the back of the fan, which effectively prevents the External particles enter the high-speed rotating fan and hit the hash board.
    The voltage of a single fan is 12V, the current is 2.7A, the maximum speed is 6000rpm, and the maximum air volume is 195cfm. According to the change of the series-parallel characteristics of the fans, the parallel fan design on one side of the miner significantly increases the ventilation volume; the series design of the fans on both sides of the miner significantly enhances the resistance of the miner to environmental resistance, that is, the ventilation volume of the miner does not increase with the mine. The changes in the field environment fluctuated violently.
    A large number of heat sinks are laid on the internal hash board of the mining machine, and the area of a single heat sink gradually increases from the air inlet to the air outlet. This design loads heat transfer away, effectively transferring the heat generated by the chip to the air.

  • New or used Antminer T17 miner

    New or used Antminer T17 miner

    In the design of the whole machine, the Antminer T17 follows the all-in-one design of the flagship product S17. The lines, control boards and computing power boards in the machine are better packaged and can adapt to different mining farm environments. With the new APW9 power supply, 16-18V high voltage output can effectively reduce the power loss during the power conversion process and improve the power conversion efficiency.
    Antminer T17 also pays attention to heat dissipation performance. In terms of heat dissipation structure, the dual-tube fan heat dissipation mode is adopted. Compared with the traditional single fan device, the heat dissipation air path is shortened by 50%, and the temperature difference between the air inlet and outlet is reduced. The cooling effect of the whole machine is greatly improved, which effectively guarantees the stability of the mining machine.
    The Antminer T17 continues the performance advantages of the T series, and at the same time, it continues to iteratively upgrade on the basis of the previous generation products to further balance performance and price. The new product is more cost-effective than the previous generation.

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