Used antminer s15-28T BTC miner

Short Description:

S15 uses a brand-new 7nm chip manufacturing process. The official evaluation of S15 is:

It is born and durable, not only energy-saving, but also emphasizes the characteristics of “high-performance and more durable, energy-saving and energy-saving”.

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Product parameters:

Mining machine type

 professional mining machine


Rated power consumption

 1596W±7% (AC/DC93% efficiency, 25℃ ambient temperature)


Configuration parameter



Power supply

 APW3-1600W power supply


Other parameters



Product size



Network connection



Use environment

 working temperature


Other performance



Product Evaluation:

The Antminer S15 is equipped with Bitmain's first 7nm chip. The chip adopts the industry-leading Exposed Die packaging solution, which has made the S15 sustainable and power-saving.

So how much can the breakthrough of the chip help the performance of the mining machine improve? What is the real performance of S15?

In order to let everyone intuitively feel the strong performance of S15, today ant girl brings you the real evaluation of S15, let's witness its super performance!

The Antminer S15 is packed in five-layer industrial carton, and the protective layer of the mining machine is made of pearl cotton, which can effectively ensure the safety of the mining machine and reduce collisions during transportation.

In addition to the mining machine, a Chinese and English manual of the mining machine is also enclosed in the box.

antminer s15

S15 adopts the design of 4 hashrate boards + 1 control board. There are two cooling fans on the front of the miner. From the front of the miner, you can see the network cable interface, reset button, IP Report button and status indicator of the miner.
The back of the miner is a honeycomb heat sink, and the side is a power source for the miner.
Installation and commissioning

For this test, I chose to test in the office, the room temperature was 26 degrees, and the mine pool was the Ant Pool. The installation method of S15 is very simple, just connect the miner to the network cable and power cable.

After completing the wiring, start to power on the miner, wait a few minutes, wait until the green light of the miner starts to flash, start to find the IP of the miner and enter the background of the miner management. Fill in the mining service address of the mining pool in the URL. The worker column is your miner number. The password column does not need to be changed. After clicking save, the settings are completed and the mining machine starts to work.

Noise and temperature

After the miner has been running stably for a period of time, let's measure the noise. At a distance of 10cm from the air inlet of the miner, the measured noise of the miner is about 73.9 decibels. (Non-lab silent environment, will be disturbed by environmental noise)
Using a temperature tester, the temperature of the air inlet of the miner is measured to be about 30 degrees, and the temperature of the air outlet is about 36.6 degrees.
Deadline (January 7, 2019) According to the PPS+ mining revenue model of the Ant Pool, in the standard mode, the average daily computing power of S15 is 28.05TH/S, the power consumption is 1652W, and the measured energy efficiency ratio is 59J/T. The income for 24 hours a day is 0.0012 BTC;

In low power consumption mode, the average daily computing power of S15 is 17.54TH/S, the power consumption is 855.4W, the measured energy efficiency ratio is 49J/T, and the 24-hour income is 0.00075 BTC; here I want to remind you that the mine The profit of the machine is adjusted according to the difficulty of mining.

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