Used avalon 1066-50T avalon 1066pro 3250W BTC miner

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One of the biggest features of A1066Pro is the self-developed Kanzhi K210 AI chip main control module.

The official information introduces that the module is implanted with multiple encryption algorithms and has a native anti-tampering mechanism, which can effectively prevent the loss of computing power and theft.

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As the main product of Avalon, the 1066 series has won wide recognition from users for its super cost-effective and super low energy consumption ratio.

From the appearance, the aluminum alloy profile has a one-piece fuselage structure, which is simple and regular, and saves space to the greatest extent. The design of the four fans at the air inlet and outlet is super ostentatious.

The network cable power interface is clear at a glance, and novices can use it without any obstacles. The box is equipped with a power plug, which is very convenient to plug and dig. To be honest, it is a little heavier.

The front air inlet and outlet are all 12038 high-speed fans. The Avalon operation and maintenance software FMS supports a variety of operating platforms, with humanized functions that facilitate background batch operations, enhanced machine performance scanning capabilities, and real-time access to machine operating status.

Avalon 1066-2

The Avalon 1066 series is equipped with an adjustable power supply, with low power consumption mode and high performance mode, which can be flexibly switched in the FMS software to ensure the maximum benefit of users.

The average computing power is 55.04T, the highest value reaches 63.8T, the lowest value is greater than 50T, the computing power curve is smooth and stable, even a little bit beyond the official parameters, and the working condition is good.Avalon's products have always been known for their stability. The A1066PRO complete machine uses solid materials and has an excellent energy consumption ratio.

The overall computing power test result is slightly higher than the officially announced value of 55T, and the power consumption of 3239.4W is also within the officially announced 3300W/h (-5%~+5%) range.

The all-in-one design of integrated power supply is convenient for mine operation and maintenance management, and the cluster control function improves the efficiency of large-scale mine management.

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