Used Whatsminer M21s 56T all-in-one machine BTC

Short Description:

Whatsminer M21S mining machine has a computing power of up to 56T and a power consumption ratio as low as 60W/T.

It supports the SHA256 algorithm and has the characteristics of low power consumption, integration, easy heat dissipation, and high computing power.

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Product parameters:

Basic parameters

Mining machine type

ASIC mining machine (professional mining machine)

Generated currency


Rated computing power

56TH/S (0%+5%)

Power supply type


Rated power consumption

3360W (0%+10%)

Power consumption ratio


Rated voltage

AC 200~300V, 3500W

Other parameters


Product size


Product weight


Network connection


Other parameters

integrated design

Product Description:

The inner protective layer of the M21S mine case is wrapped by a dust bag and an pearl cotton board to enhance the vibration reduction effect. The pearl cotton board is customized to the main body and has a power cord.

The power cord uses the international 300/500V 3-core*1.5mm wire diameter, which is obviously thicker than the more common 3*0.75 international cord on the market.

(16A socket is required), the power board and the mining machine are integrated, the fans are side by side, the control board is connected to the outside, the power board is connected to the hash board, the air inlet of the M21S mining machine is 305mm from the air outlet, and the M21S control board Using Allwinner H6 chip as the main control, H6 is ARM quad-core A53 CPU, with MaliT720 GPU, supports OpenGL3.1, supports DDR4, EMMC5.0, the chip performance is 77% higher than the previous generation; decoding supports 4K@60fps, the highest Resolution up to 6K (5780×2890); supports HDR10, HLG, and integrates Allwinner Smartcolor3.0 intelligent image quality engine.

Whatsminer M21s-3

The power of the Whatsminer M21S mining machine will exceed 3600W when it is working. The power cord of the original factory configuration is easy to be hot when working.

It is recommended to replace it; in addition, the mining machine's hash board uses two chips (KF1921/KF1922), which is the same as in previous mines. Very rare in the aircraft.

To a certain extent, m21s is a model that the public likes very much.

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